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Sitpah Selvaratnam

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A modern day David and Goliath tale, in the unlikely setting of 21st century Malaysia. This story was at the heart of a financial scandal that toppled the government of 60 years, and set fire to the imagination of the international world of finance and justice. David is a diminutive self-effacing lady with a brilliant legal brain and charming personality. She inspired and cemented a multi-ethnic multi-religious team of patriotic Malaysians to work pro bono to recover money stolen from the people of Malaysia. Goliath takes two forms – the first is the complex and murky world of maritime law, and the second is the secretive world of the super-rich who use middle men and brokers to buy ‘toys’ worth hundreds of million USD, merely for the pleasure of ownership. The central figure is the superyacht. The author lovingly and skilfully transforms her from the stolen, tainted possession of a criminal fleeing from justice into a graceful, dignified and highly desirable lady, worthy of the attention of super rich suitors from four continents. This is a story of love and adventure in its finest sense.
Indra Pathmanathan