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Your inner dormant power to have SwithCOIN, Success with Courage and Integrity; cultivating fiery advocacy in peacefully stating your wants and views, regardless of your personality.


  • A Roadmap to achieve SwithCOIN.
  • Why some lawyers find their life as a lawyer to have fallen short of their dream.
  • How the disillusionment with legal practice snowballs from initial emotions of self-doubt, peer pressure, imposture syndrome; into feeling lost, helpless, depressed and confused.
  • Why emotions can transform and uplift, or overwhelm and drown us. The choice is yours!
  • The systematic method of finding courage, with kind attention, to identify your values and personality, free of limiting beliefs.
  • How to garner peaceful courage to push back against your internal conflict, and uncover renewed faith in your ability.
  • Detailed means for striking a balance between competing demands on time and mental space; and the strength to acknowledge the inadequacies of the system you operate within.
  • How to define “success,” in a way that makes you feel whole and complete.
  • The way to uncover your true purpose, and to align that purpose with your career; to ignite the fiery lawyer, advocate and influencer within, regardless of your personality.
  • How to live your life and career having SwithCOIN, having discovered the power of joy.

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