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Sitpah Selvaratnam

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I congratulate the author, a very bright and experienced woman maritime legal practitioner friend of mine, in coming out with this easy to read and interesting book… More important, it contains an easy, practical and interesting way of understanding how to arrest and effect a judicial sale of a ship in Malaysia. Every maritime lawyer, as well as those involved in the maritime industry, must not only read it but have a copy in their library for reference.
Tun Zaki Bin Azmi
12th Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Malaysia
This is an inspirational tale of an extraordinary event in the history of Malaysia. The arrest and sale of the superyacht Equanimity in August 2018 is a story of national triumph, encapsulating a moment of collective exhilaration and hope in the wake of both the 1MDB scandal, and the 14th Malaysian General Election. But it is also a personal story of determination, ingenuity and courage on the part of Sitpah Selvaratnam, one of Malaysia’s brilliant lawyers. Selvaratnam beautifully recounts invaluable lessons learnt over a period of nine months as a woman lawyer handling (pro bono) Malaysia’s biggest ever shipping case. Fascinating personal experiences are interwoven with insights into the 1MDB fraud, the technicalities and practice of maritime law, and the mechanics of an arrest and sale, all recounted with a profound compassion for the Malaysian nation. A compelling read that will motivate generations to come.
Toby Landau QC
Barrister (England & Wales),Advocate (Singapore),InternationalArbitrator
This is a deeply moving and inspirational book, which I urge everyone to read, not just because it is fascinating to read about the legal and logistical challenges that Sitpah and her team faced and the way they worked together to create solutions where no precedents existed to overcome these challenges, but more particularly to read the inspirational story of Sitpah’s personal journey. Sitpah helps us to understand the importance of integrity, accountability and of creating unity across gender, culture and faith: a message that we need to hear and understand now more than ever… However, above all else, this book is an inspiration to women of all ages. Sitpah shows us that it is normal to experience personal doubts, but that such doubts need not hold us back from achieving what we are each capable of. Sitpah’s willingness to show us her vulnerability, self-doubts and fear that being a female, indeed being less than 5 feet in height, would prevent her success helps us all to understand that self-doubt is normal and need not be self-limiting: she inspires each of us to realise that we have inside us the strength and passion to stand up, face the world, confront our fears and make a difference to the world. We just need to channel our inner ‘Sitpah’ and move forwards.
Juliet Blanch
Solicitor of England and Wales, International Arbitrator
… This is a highly recommended book. It will preserve for posterity the efforts of numerous persons working in the national interest. They finally receive recognition: this book will guarantee that. Tribute must once again be paid to Sitpah Selvaratnam for giving her very best without charge, for the benefit of her fellow Malaysians. In an age of grabbing and grasping politicians, her sacrifice is heart-warming.
Tan Sri Tommy Thomas
Former Attorney General of Malaysia
… Admiralty Law, for historical reasons, has been highly technical in its application. Before a ship can be arrested, an in rem claim has to be established. The author of this work succeeded in establishing an in rem claim against the Equanimity. This speaks volumes of her hard work and ingenuity. A member of the Maritime Bar, and internationally recognized as an Admiralty lawyer of renown, Sitpah’s handling of the Equanimity affair pro bono reveals her generous character. She exemplifies the maxim ‘Money is not everything’. To the layman, this book will be entertaining. To the lawyer, it will be instructive.
Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram
Former Judge of the Federal Court of Malaysia
I am honoured to endorse this book because I have known and worked with the author for many years. Sitpah is a brilliant lawyer and is able to present complex legal issues in simple, precise and excellent English. She brings this gift to this book by presenting in simple terms, the complex legal manoeuvres in the area of admiralty law, which she and her team of lawyers employed to recover the super yacht “Equanimity”…
Dato’ Anantham Kasinather
Former Judge of the Court of Appeal of Malaysia,Admiralty Lawyer, Malaysia
If you would read a tale of David & Goliath to your child or grandchild, make sure you read this book about how, in real life, a petite princess of the Law in a small country conquered mountainous obstacles and broke international barriers to capture a humongous ship shrouded in mystery, in order to return justice to the People of Malaysia.
Dato’ Yeo Yang Poh
Advocate & Solicitor, Malaysia,Former President of the Malaysian Bar
… Ms Selvaratnam’s success in this venture is the result of years of dedicated study, persistence, and hard work that have made her one of the world’s leading practitioners in the area of shipping and maritime law. She is a worthy role model, particularly for young women looking to succeed in niche areas of law or who want to strike out on lesser-travelled roads. In this book, Ms Selvaratnam captures the complex legalities of recovering the MY Equanimity. Her writing, as her approach to life (which she also discusses) is composed, organised and shows clarity of purpose…
Sheena Gurbakhash
President, Association of Women Lawyers,Malaysia