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Sitpah Selvaratnam

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Ms. Selvaratnam is that rare professional whose exceptional achievements match her exceptional character. Her latest book, Resolved! blesses readers with timely personal and professional guidance borne from her incredibly honest and totally compelling life story. It’s a joy to process her words of wisdom and her book’s lessons are a set of gifts that I hope will be widely shared.
Tripp Haston
Partner – Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP (U.S.)
Former President – International Association of Defense Counsel
Sitpah's straightforward strategies provide a practical and effective road map to truly empower us to be fiery and authentic lawyers. Developed from her many years of experience, experimentation and reflection during her successful legal career, this book bridges the gap between achieving our full potential in our professional life and our personal life.
Jo Delaney
Partner, HWF
Qualified to practice in NSW (Australia) and England & Wales
Resolved! is a brave and honest account of the numerous challenges one encounters along the legal journey and how to overcome them. Written with passion and insight, Sitpah Selvaratnam provides useful advice on how to thrive in the legal profession while staying true to one-self. I have no doubt the 8 strategies outlined in this book will help those in the legal profession succeed both in work and life with audacity and integrity.
Patricia Saiz
International Arbitrator
Member of the ICC Court of Arbitration
Professor at ESADE Law School, Spain
A smart woman’s search for her own truth in the overshadowing world of other people’s opinions about her and her place in the legal profession. This book contains many practical insights to uncover our own inner peace, our higher self so that we live the best, joyful life we deserve. It offers itself as a confidante to people seeking success in any endeavour.
Ashok K. Sakhrani
Barrister-at-Law, Hong Kong
«Resolved» invites you to an unexpected, wonderful and inner journey of authentic discovery of yourself. Lawyers and influencers are used to taking care of others. Well, it is never too late to look after yourself, find or develop your alignment of your skills, values and joy and experience synchronicity. Enjoy as much as I have this path to more happiness!
Anne Durez
President of the think tank “Women in law”
(Femmes de Loi, Femmes d’Exception)
“Keep Calm and Be You”. Sitpah Selvaratnam is a dynamo of energy and an oasis of calmness rolled into one petite package. In the madness of litigation practice and the constant inner conflict that we have as lawyer, wife, mother, daughter, Resolved! provides a systematic method of dealing with pressure, the “peaceful courage” to challenge our conditioning, to explore and recreate ourselves and most of all to live joyfully and abundantly. I wish I read this book before starting my legal practice. It would have given me the tools to face the challenges so much better. A “Must Read” for future lawyers.
Fiona Bodipalar
Senior Partner, Bodipalar Ponnudurai De Silva
Advocate & Solicitor, Malaysia
An insightful and personal exposition by Sitpah - a telling of a process of retrospection, introspection, motivation and propulsion. Revealing a universal journey of challenges, self-discovery, learning, personal growth and strength; and imparting valuable lessons and inspiration in its rendition. Read on to discover what is meant by Success with Courage and Integrity and how we could be “multi-tentacled beings of Love energy”!
Christopher Leong
Advocate & Solicitor, Malaysia
Former President of the Malaysian Bar
Past President of LAWASIA