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Sitpah Selvaratnam


TRUE STORY of how the people of Malaysia got the superyacht EQUANIMITY back from JHO LOW

“For those who feel it cannot be done”

Sitpah Selvaratnam
- Counsel
- International Arbitrator
- Author

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7 Maritime Lessons in the Arrest and Sale of a Ship

Numerous Life Lessons as a Woman Lawyer leading a team to Success
The Recipe for National success through Unity.

National Unity

This is a story of the intriguing and complex circumstances that led to the historic arrest of the notorious luxury yacht Equanimity, which was embroiled in national fraud at the highest level of government.

The author unpacks the creative solutions found by the gender diverse, multi-faith, multi-cultural legal team, focused on a goal greater than themselves, for the highest good of their country.

Maritime Insights

In an easily accessible manner the author explains her process of consolidating common law, equity, and admiralty law to arrest, manage and sell the notorious Superyacht Equanimity.

She follows the complicated flow of millions of dollars, stolen from government-owned 1MDB companies, through thirty-two bank accounts of Jho Low’s nominees, to assert an ownership claim over the Superyacht Equanimity for the people of Malaysia.

Women Empowerment

This book narrates the author’s journey as a woman lawyer, leading the legal team in successfully recovering USD126 million for her country, acting pro bono.

The author shares the wealth of her unique experience, with powerful revelations of professional life as a petite woman in a male dominated industry.

Rare Legal Precedent

The author shares precious resource materials that offer rare precedent to the arrest, management and sale of a ship for admiralty lawyers anywhere in the world, reproduced as 16 Appendices to the text.

The Power of Joy

This book illustrates the limitless achievements that are made possible from courage, motivated by peace and joy.

Who is this book for ?

Women interested in leadership, the maritime industry, lawyers, patriots and anyone interested in integrity, accountability and courage.

Those who value the

  • Extra special insights into maritime arrest, management and sale of a ship.
  • The exact cause papers filed in Court, in the historic arrest of the Superyacht Equanimity, as legal precedent.
  • A woman lawyer’s path to heading the legal team to recover USD 126 million for her country in the world’s worst kind of kleptocracy at the highest levels of government.
  • The power of a unity of faith, culture and gender, in achieving success through creativity.

About The Author

Sitpah Selvaratnam

Sitpah Selvaratnam is a maritime and commercial lawyer, and an international arbitrator, with over 30 years of experience in dispute resolution.

She is a consultant in the law firm of Tommy Thomas, and was the founding partner of the firm when it was established on 1 January 2000.

Sitpah sits on the courts and panels of international arbitral organizations, including as a member of the International Court of Arbitration of the ICC and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. She has issued numerous arbitral awards, and is appointed as sole, presiding, and party-nominated arbitrator in commercial and maritime disputes.

She appears as counsel before all the superior courts of Malaysia. Her full curriculum vitae can be found at

For much of her life, she has been involved in social service, facilitating workshops on parenting and living skills.


I congratulate the author, a very bright and experienced woman maritime legal practitioner friend of mine, in coming out with this easy to read and interesting book… More important, it contains an easy, practical and interesting way of understanding how to arrest and effect a judicial sale of a ship in Malaysia. Every maritime lawyer, as well as those involved in the maritime industry, must not only read it but have a copy in their library for reference.
Tun Zaki Bin Azmi
12th Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Malaysia
… Admiralty Law, for historical reasons, has been highly technical in its application. Before a ship can be arrested, an in rem claim has to be established. The author of this work succeeded in establishing an in rem claim against the Equanimity. This speaks volumes of her hard work and ingenuity. A member of the Maritime Bar, and internationally recognized as an Admiralty lawyer of renown, Sitpah’s handling of the Equanimity affair pro bono reveals her generous character. She exemplifies the maxim ‘Money is not everything’. To the layman, this book will be entertaining. To the lawyer, it will be instructive.
Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram
Former Judge of the Federal Court of Malaysia
… This is a highly recommended book. It will preserve for posterity the efforts of numerous persons working in the national interest. They finally receive recognition: this book will guarantee that. Tribute must once again be paid to Sitpah Selvaratnam for giving her very best without charge, for the benefit of her fellow Malaysians. In an age of grabbing and grasping politicians, her sacrifice is heart-warming.
Tan Sri Tommy Thomas
Former Attorney General of Malaysia


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